About Us

where forget-me-nots began

Forget-me-not cafe's began when Angi discovered a lack of community led groups that would allow loved ones and their carers to enjoy a quiet cuppa together with others in similar positions.

While important, gatherings through organisations tended to separate them from their partners. 

From the first café collaboration in Roleystone, the Forget-me-not Café idea was born, and with it, the Forget-me-not team.

 Forget-me-not cafe's encourage carers and their partners to coexist in a social atmosphere, with no fear of embarrassment, misunderstandings, or judgement, as they share a morning with others who are travelling down the same road. 

These cafe's provide a place for carers and loved ones with dementia to see that despite this illness being so personal, there are still others who truly can understand through their own first hand experience, and share the fact that we are not alone in our fight.

growth of forget-me-not cafe's

The popularity of community driven forget-me-not cafe's can be proven through the sheer number that have been set up around WA, since the first began in Roleystone back in 2017. To date, forget-me-not cafe's have grown to thirteen, with more considered. 

With the help of local governments, neighbourhood cafe's, Alzheimer's WA and many more wonderful people, these groups are banding together to bring dementia awareness to all; to encourage a safer future for all affected by memory loss.

join forget-me-not

We encourage all carers, partners and families to come along to a memory café. If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with dementia or effected by memory loss, then we can provide a safe and caring morning filled with laughter, reminiscing and fine cups of tea . 

Our community groups are open and friendly and completely volunteer run. 

if you wish to start up your own memory café, please feel free to contact forget-me-not for any questions, or ask how be involved.  

*Please be aware that these community events are not to be used as respite.